Tuesday, January 1, 2008

You Dumbass! and other insults to the intelligent...

There are many stories of idiocy here in the Emerald City and the outlying areas.

Years ago, when I was 10, there was a stand-off in the middle of Seattle. A homeless man had a katana and was rather menacing. The police were called in to stop this disturbance.
They tried watering him from a high-pressure hose: Didn't work. Made him angry.
They tried Tasering him: Knocked him down for a few seconds, but it didn't work. His anger got worst.
They tried throwing a net from overhead: Succeeded!

A local car accident in Lynnwood happened a few days ago. It was awful. Turned out the drunk driver who started the chaos had 15 DUIs.

Just about 2 days ago, my cat Socks pulled the tablecloth off the table and spilled my mother's art and craft supplies, her magazines and her coffee onto the floor.

I'm convince that the way people act here is like someone is pouring water on top of an anthill. Try that and you see what I mean. The ants go crazy when things aren't right.

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