Friday, February 22, 2008

Whoa...A WHOLE month?

Sorry for the lack of updates. Took me a while to get the fire back in my belly.

One of the things I've found in poor taste: The Fairly OddParents special "Fairly OddBaby". They decided to show this crap after deciding to keep Zoey 101, starring bad influence Jamie Lynn Spears. If fairies live forever, why did Timmy ask for them to have a baby? Talk about kowtowing to the Bush administration...

If anyone here watches South Park, remember the episode "Hell on Earth 2006"? That was a lesson in poor taste.

Then again, I hate how people try to cover their asses for a mess they clearly made but won't live up to it? That, my friends, is irresponsibility at its highest!

To be honest, I don't blame people left and right. I give blame where blame is due!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Would it kill me to be nice?

One of my regulars at another blog I write has recently said he liked me when I was controversial. Well, I have changed my personality over there to just cover things like games and fun things.

Why the sudden change in attitude? My father has recently been riding me over the fact that I have been rather upset lately. So, with the change in mood, people have noticed a difference.

It's highly unlikely I'll die from kindness.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Just cancel the damn show already!

The people at Nickelodeon are keeping "Zoey 101" on the air.

As you already heard from me, it should be cancelled because it sends out the message that it's okay to get pregnant at a young age.

Then again, Jamie Lynn Spears' audience doesn't have the money she has to raise a child.

Why are they doing this? This pisses me off. I already stopped watching Nickelodeon, but they continue to keep it on the air.

Also, it turns out that the boy who is said to be the father isn't the father of the baby. It turns out an executive (much older than Jamie Lynn) at Nickelodeon is the real father and the boy was paid off so the real father doesn't go to jail.

The truth will be revealed.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dammit! (kicks wall) Owww!

Turns out they're trying to keep "Zoey 101" on the air...

This is what sickens me. The fact people are letting the media raising their kids show how irresponsible they are...

Nickelodeon, I have one thing to say: TAKE THE SHOW OFF THE AIR!

She's a minor and a role model. Allowing the show to air is as bad as saying it's okay!

Zoey 101 cancelled...FINALLY!

After weeks of agony, they finally pulled the show "Zoey 101".

Let's face it: This is similar to the incident with Paul Reubens in the 1990's. If you're the star of a children's show, you're going to be caught if you're doing something wrong!

And now, join me and the choir of The Fallen Angels for Handel's Messiah...

Okay...I'm kidding you.

Then again, I believe that "you play with fire, you will get burned".

NOTE: My use of Handel's Messiah is supposed to be a nod to how dramatic people make success seem. As a kid growing up in the US, it was common to use Handel's Messiah in non-religious miracles.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rayman and unicef...Rather interesting.

Usually, it's rare to see videogame characters used in public service ads for worldwide causes.

However, to see the characters from Rayman Raving Rabbids do a PSA for unicef is rather interesting.

Here's how the ads go:

A Rabbid denies a basic human right to the baby Globox.
Rayman steps in to right the wrong by showing one of unicef's ideals of human rights for children.
The Rabbid lets the baby Globox have his human right.

For more information (and access to the ads) go to: (It's in French)

You Dumbass! and other insults to the intelligent...

There are many stories of idiocy here in the Emerald City and the outlying areas.

Years ago, when I was 10, there was a stand-off in the middle of Seattle. A homeless man had a katana and was rather menacing. The police were called in to stop this disturbance.
They tried watering him from a high-pressure hose: Didn't work. Made him angry.
They tried Tasering him: Knocked him down for a few seconds, but it didn't work. His anger got worst.
They tried throwing a net from overhead: Succeeded!

A local car accident in Lynnwood happened a few days ago. It was awful. Turned out the drunk driver who started the chaos had 15 DUIs.

Just about 2 days ago, my cat Socks pulled the tablecloth off the table and spilled my mother's art and craft supplies, her magazines and her coffee onto the floor.

I'm convince that the way people act here is like someone is pouring water on top of an anthill. Try that and you see what I mean. The ants go crazy when things aren't right.