Saturday, December 29, 2007

Are hymens the new graduation watch? OR WTF? What's wrong with this picture?

From "Abstinence helps to ensure a more successful future, avoid STDs and to avoid possible life-long dependency on the welfare system." (read: Have sex before marriage and you're a failure!)

That doesn't make sense! According to any good gynecologist, the hymen can be easily broken before a woman's first sexual experience. Abstinence doesn't help. The hymen can be broken easily from childhood accidents, sitting funny or anything non-sexual.

Also, the only way you can become a failure from premarital sex is if you get pregnant and have the baby.

Besides, virginity is something that can't be proven unless there is a doctor present and everyone knows not to lie to your doctor. That and that you believe virginity lies within such twisted standards.

This is another thing I'm against: The rather sexist double standard that women aren't allowed to have sex before marriage and they must remain pure, but men are allowed to have sex regardless of marital status and are not considered impure.

I do not want to go back to the days of when it was acceptable to shun a woman like that for having premarital sex that doesn't end in pregnancy.

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