Thursday, December 27, 2007

She's Trailer Trash...

You all have heard about the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy. Here are my thoughts about it.

1.) She's trailer trash in the way she's acting.
2.) She should be fired.
3.) The father should be arrested.
4.) Zoey 101 should be cancelled and never seen again.

You think that's harsh? Well, here's the facts.

1.) She's a minor.
2.) She's supposed to be a role model.

We have enough trouble with the many lies in abstinence-only sex education and with the stats saying that abstinence-only sex-ed doesn't work, I'm glad they're phasing it out!

Here's another thing about teen moms: 2/3 of them NEVER finish high school and ONLY 1.5% get a college degree by age 30.

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